Hempstead Acts

the hempstead act is based on conscious well thought out understandings
and activities in relationship to hemp and the environment…the actions with
feelings instead of the reactions with emotions…some common sense…

An opportunity to bring coherent thinking into the realities and challenges that
confront american society……petro-chemical toxics and dangers….issues of environmental concerns and glimpses of economic terrorisms in so many forms
of everyday fears….

An opportunity to consider practical options that serve the needs of a healthier
earth environment and serve the economic interests of the society as a whole..
An opportunity to create solutions with clear use of individual and collective
intelligence.  We ask the people to research, study, and consider hemp, with the
benefits it brings from plant to food, fuel, medicines, paper, buildings, industries,
We ask that people make their own decisions based upon information and facts…

To the people that agree we ask that you act upon your agreement and bring your
energy and intelligence into creating this consciousness toward a green economy.
We ask that people express their thinking and feelings and clearly communicate.

Every thought and act taken to recognize and further the realistic advantages of
hemp as an alternative way of reducing our dependency on oil and chemicals,
and every effort to return hemp into the earths eco-systems as renewable economic
crops that are healthy for earth and human beings, are parts of the hempstead act

Partly the hempstead act is an attitude of this is practical, this can and needs
to be done, so lets see who gets it, and what they do with it, lets see what
the energies of attitude can accomplish once a decision is made….

It comes back to who wants what most….

And remember hemp is….
hemp is as american as the flag
hemp is as american as the constitution

when the colonists declared their independence
and established their identities as americans
they put their colors on a flag made from hemp
and wrote the constitution on paper made of hemp

the olders


looking at the problems society is facing, from environmental, economic, political, and
religious……. there appears a chaos of individuals energies being depleted collectively.
this collective individuals chaos of energy does not solve any problems..rather it seems
chaos sends the energy into tangent directions…. scattering of thoughts diluting focus…
in the emotional turmoils well thought out clear thinking gets distorted into the energy of emotional ventings..

too much energy is spent going through the same old motions of familiarity that in the end are slowly losing territory in a system designed for energy consuming itself.  the issues and needs both change and remain the same, as fear based emotionally overly negative charged atmospheres..stagnating in the form of statics…rhetorics and reorganizations changing phrasings and tactics in attempts to adapt to the existing consciousness without changing the consciousness itself.  these attempts serve the long term purpose of buying time for the manipulator class in a way of each generation having to go through the same struggles over and over. trapped in a consciousness of fear, with energy depletings through emotional beliefs and varying distraughts.

there is a need to add needed re-energizing positives to the energy of consciousness
it is time to bring energy in the form of clear thinking into the reality.  the power of
imaginations creative intelligence coherently applied individually and collectively.
adhering to the values of alternative energy and understanding that we are
alternative energy then it is our responsibility to act accordingly. we are an opportunity
to change the energy and how energy is used.  untrapping our conscious with objectivity and common sense seeing in perspectives of thinking feeling enough, caring to live.
maybe try the energy of respect, respect of life, respect of self, respect of others
maybe try the energy of  of like, liking life, liking self, liking others
maybe try the energy of good, feeling good, thinking good, doing good

it is time for serious considerations to be given to the establishment and implementation
of an alternative green energy economy based on hemp…it is time to create opens and  opportunities of awareness and discussions of coherent thought… the energy of clear thinking human intelligence and the energy of hemp together, as resources, have vast potential for creating a practical sustainable earth friendlier industrial environment…

we are an alternative energy resource. recognizing the energy of our intelligence as an alternative renewable power, with the energy of hemp as alternative renewable power,
the power of merging our energies, to serve a practical need for earth and humanity is within our abilities. its a decision we make

everything is about energy…the lives we live…
what we consume……. what we discard……
in the reality of human our energy is in being

the olders