Hempstead: Project Heart

The time has come for clear coherent common sense thinking..
Creative thought as alternative energy
Turned into the energy of action
The time has come for clear coherent common sense thinking..

This is about recognizing the realities of the natural values of hemp
As a healthy energy source for the earth, human beings, and machines..
Historically in our evolution as human beings hemp has been a resource
Our ancestors depended on, as societies, civilizations and industries emerged..
And in every stage of this evolution hemp has always remained earth compatible
In ways that are healthy and not destructive to earth and our living environment…

Then as the petro-chemical civilizations emerged the use of non-renewable energy  in
The form of petro-chemicals were used to replace our relationship to and with hemp
This was done for reasons of economic and political control and profit , for the few and
By the few, this imposed non-renewable toxic petro-chemical dependency depletes…
In reality it is and has been unhealthy for the environment, the people, the civilization
From the environmental toxic wastes to the controlled manipulation of economies
The status quo of business as usual is destroying our future sense of well being..
Creating a constant anxiety with emotionally distorted decision making processes

It is time to re-evaluate our responsibilities and replace the destroying with coherency
The cultivation of natural seed industrial hemp as a renewable energy resource can
Greatly reduce our dependency on petroleum while at the same time providing a
Practical alternative green economic base that will support industry and provide jobs
helping the sky to breathe serving in a healthier way to deal with climate change

We are asking the people who agree with this to put their energy into researching and
Learning the facts about the energies and usages of hemp as a sustainable way of life
Then we ask that you communicate your understandings and attitudes as clearly and as
Energetically as possible and as far and to as many people as your thoughts can reach

Hemp is earth medicine healthy for the earth the people the air the present the future….
Hemp is healthy for the climate……..

This is our attitude and we have no quarrel with those who don’t agree..
We ask that people not be drawn into quarrels with people who want to quarrel
These quarrels lead to demonizations and other emotional name callings that..
Serve the purpose of altering our concentration and diverting our attention (energy)
It is better to deflect the quarrels and focus our energies in ways that will make sense

The Olders